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"The Art of Selling The Art of Healing"

When I first experienced our healthcare system, it did not take me long to realize, that the indefinite management of chronic disease is a recipe for disaster.


That's why we've organized some of the very best integrative physicians, to help empower the rest of us with the fundamental knowledge of correcting the underlying cause of chronic health problems, and laying the structure for human optimization.


Go 'backstage' of some of the most renowned functional medicine centers in New York. Become an expert affiliate of the most cutting edge philosophy, technology and science.


Establish yourself as a healthcare entrepreneur and a sought-out expert in helping people create the structures for life at its peak level of health expression. 

Download the ScHO Schedule with a listing of all the functional medicine doctor faculty 

Join this life-transforming program today and you'll also get these five bonuses!

  • Bonus 1: VIP Access to the ScHO Conference
    This two day event features everything human optimization from around the world. You'll go back stage to meet and network with some of the top integrative physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Bonus 2: VIP Access to all the ScHO Physicians and Companies
    If you or someone you know is dealing with a chronic health condition, we'll introduce you to leading physicians who address the underlying cause, and help people regain optimal function. We'll visit their office, explore their innovative modality up-close and personal. And get a thorough training in the unique approach they use to create structures for life at its peak level of health expression.
  • Bonus 3: Signed Copy of ScHO Conference Keynote Speakers Bestselling Book
    Build instant credibility as we position you with the best known names in integrative medicine who will sign a copy of their best-selling book and take a photo with you and your ScHO Certification Certificate. Over the years we've hosted renowned doctors such as Joel Fuhrman, MD, Mark Hyman, MD, Jeffry Life, MD, PhD, as well as JJ Virgin, Suzanne Somers and Carol Alt to name a few.

  • Bonus 4: Official ScHO Golf Shirt with Embroidered Logo
    Look the part of a healthcare entrepreneur in this very handsome shirt provided to all of our graduates together with their framed Practitioner Certification. Create curiosity and interest wherever you go as you represent a revolutionary paradigm shift from the indefinite management of chronic disease to the science of human optimization.


  • Bonus 5: Your Own ScHO Certified Practitioner Business Cards
    Each one of your ScHO custom business cards has the potential to transform someones life. As you become proficient in being able to guide people to those practitioners or companies that will allow them to reverse a decade old chronic health problem, correct the damage that has been causing excruciating pain for years, or regain the youthful vitality that they never thought possible, you will play a crucial part in transforming how America does healthcare. But more importantly, you will be the hero to those in your circles, who are suffering with no hope in sight.

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