Why This Webinar is Good for you?

Most chronic health problems have the same underlying cause: deficiency, toxicity, and a damaged, leaky and inflamed digestive system.


In this LIVE webinar Dr. Marina Yuabova (a Human Optimization Practitioner with 30 years’ experience) will share her unique approach of resolving autoimmune conditions, diabetes, unexplained weight gain, brain fog, chronic fatigue, skin problems, hair loss, extreme aging, and poor sleep.


Here we'll discuss some of the following:


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    What tests allow for a full picture of the individuals nutrient status?


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    Weight loss resistance and unexplained weight gain is evidence of what underlying combination of health problems ... and how do you get to the root cause?


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    Even if someone adheres to a healthy diet how do we know the body is absorbing important vitamins & minerals?


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    How can the immune system be strengthened to become virtually impervious to environmental stressors?


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    Why does the lymph fluid become thick and viscus and what are the implications?


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    How does the testosterone to estrogen ratio affect cognitive function?


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    When the body is overwhelmed with heavy metals, parasites, viruses, or a tooth infection how does that affect optimal health expression?


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    How do intravenous vitamins affect the body and when would this therapy be a consideration?


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    What is the difference between ‘disease management’ and ‘human optimization’ approaches to care? And why is it so difficult to find permanent resolution in the standard approach?


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    What popular thyroid treatment increases the incidence of cancer by 200%? And what can you do to fine-tune this sensitive gland naturally?


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    How does a sluggish liver affect detoxification pathways and what are some of the outward symptoms of this malfunction?


Dr. Marina Yuabova and her human optimization team cater to executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, moms, and anyone who depends on vast amounts of energy, sharp cognitive function, a sound emotional state … and has no time for avoidable illness or untimely disability. 



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I really enjoyed last night's webinar! Thank you for all your valuable work and time. The general population doesn't begin to think about their hard-earned dollars going to waste in traditional 'healthcare'... (really, dollar management.)  The way you outlined it was personal, eye opening, and to the point.





Antoinette Caruso

ScHObinar Attendee

It really was a Great webinar! Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for mankind! You truly are God sent. Thank you. I will watch as many of the webinars as I can and will send links to all my family and friends!







Gerone R. Harris

ScHObinar Attendee

All I can say it that your programs are AMAZING! They are informative, they provide so much knowledge to those who need to be led in the direction of the future of medicine, as its here NOW! I vow to help you spread the word........ Any need of getting your work out there- allow me to help! Congrats as you think out of the box and continue to support these great Doc's who have gone beyond their basic education! KUDOS!

Francesca M. Caputo

ScHObinar Attendee

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