Science of Human Optimizaton Conference

Showcasing the world's experts, products, and technology in addressing the underlying cause of chronic illness while creating structures for life at its peak level of health expression.

ScHO Speakers

Meet and Learn from Renowned Physicians, Bestselling Authors, and Product manufacturers focused on resolving the two main factors in the manifestation of most chronic illness, Deficiency and Toxicity.

Keynote Speaker

Michael Roizen, MD

Award-winning author of five number one NYT bestsellers and the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Biomimetic Dentistry 

Dr. Jimmy Kilimitzoglou

One of the few centers in the country utilizing the Cone Beam CT Scan to identify hidden gum infection.

Bestselling Author

David Minkoff, MD

Amino acids products and supplement line are crafted to help you achieve and maintain optimum health and vitality.

Healthy Line

Jamil Sayegh, ND

Personal and Professional far infrared gemstone mats designed for wellness and pain management.

Ozone Therapy

Howard Robins, DPM

A dairy-free probiotic wellness shot delivered in an organic blend of fruit and vegetable juices in a glass bottle.

Human Optimization Physician

Garry D'Brant, DC, CTN

Award-winning physician who is deeply committed to providing compassionate and knowledgeable care to his patients.









ScHO Gallery

The ScHO exhibiting companies are very knowledgeable and will provide a wealth of information and resources to help make your journey to optimal well-being a smashing success. 

ScHO Sponsors

Discover the most cutting-edge technology, science and products in the art and science of human optimization.

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